Friday, June 26, 2009

Little Boy Lost

Another one bites the dust!
I actually feel sorry for the douche bag. Now, don't get me wrong here - I think the guy is a total jackass, low life hypocrite but I'm sure I would have thought that before his slip up into an extra marital affair and sinking below the moral standards which he himself set. But yes, I do feel sorry for him.

The poor guy, really. He wrapped himself up in this holier-than-thou suit of armor and by the time he realized he was nothing but a simple human it was all too late. He had it all. The wife, the 2.5 children, the Church, a political seat and a whole bunch of colorless friends who pat one another on the back in absolution and resolve.

But then, yikes! Uht oh. His cock heart made a flutter and before he knew it his red, discriminatory ass was jet setting to Argentina to follow the tormented love of his life.

On June 24th Rachel Maddow exposed the emails that Gov. Rick Sanford wrote to his Argentinian love. The letters were flowery, romantically written. They were in prose and spoke of a love everlasting. A love which existed but couldn't be.

These letters aren't written by a Republican Governor. Instead, they are written by a little boy lost. A man who made too many black and white decisions, who lived too closely to bogus moral standards and, in the end, all of it bit him in the ass. He should be capable of the love he seeks, he should have the right to it like anyone else, but when you stand at a podium and condemn others for the very same behavior, you're nothing but a horrible creature shrouded in your own misery.

On her show Rachel Maddow hosted the reporter who initially broke the story. She said the source of all the information came from an anonymous tipster. I might be wrong here but if that anonymous tipster never comes forward I'm inclined to believe it was the Governor himself. Consciously or subconsciously this man wanted to get caught. He was sending emails back and forth for goodness sake! He wanted to free himself from the man he had become and live as a free human once again. A man who wasn't so obligated to live under such strict guidelines while the state of South Carolina watched. He was trapped.

This is why I feel sorry for him. Because he put himself in his own prison. He set a destiny for himself which he couldn't live up to and now he's done. Finished, disgraced...yet I suppose, now free.

See ya later sucker.


Jimbo3DC said...

I wrote the very same thing on my blog yesterday.

Here's the link (because it's not listed on the sidebar of this blog):

David said...

If anyone leaked those emails, it was either a fed-up staffer, or the Argentinian lady in question, IMHO. I don't think Freud is THAT powerful.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't you want to run away with a hot Argentinian?

Gman said...

Wow, you nailed it on this one. He and thousands of other Americans - public or not - create their own impossible prisons every day. And attempt to shame us into...("should I say Gov. Sanford") getting into bed with them. Hypocrisy tenfold. Why can't public figures own up to their imperfections and mistakes...we all have them...before the meltdown becomes public and embarassing.
Yes, I can feel sorry for him. But he is no boy, boys grow up. His clock is ticking.