Thursday, May 7, 2009

YOU'RE Hurting People

Mike: "We name Charlie Christ for example..."
News Guy: "By doing that what do you do to Charlie Christ's family....? You're hurting people..."

Does this guy not think that the actions of people like Larry Craig, Mark Foley, Bob Allen, Ted Haggard, Charlie Christ doesn't hurt us? That we as gay people know that our would-be brothers are fighting tooth and nail to silence us? Are we supposed to sit back and be complacent as our names, our community and our lifestyles are dragged through the mud due to these politicians dirty, lying infidently and self hatred? And, we're hurting their family?!

What about my mother fucking family, asshole? What about my friends? My feelings? My place in the world? I should care about their families? Give me a fucking break!

The News Caster can't even have a conversation with Rogers without threatening to take him outside and punch him in the face. It's too bad I wasn't on that show because I would have LOVED to have taken this matter outside - show the world who the real fucking men are.


Here are some pics detailing my immedate reaction to the Larry Craig scandal some years ago:

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ewe said...

I would simply tell those shitheads that the "truth" would suffice. I am with you with the anger though. Fuck them. Get out of the way.