Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Meeting Alert: Last NYC Meetings before Prop 8 Decision

Tonight May 6th
Tonight NYC's LGBT Center is holding the final meetings for Marriage Equality NY and The Civil Rights Front before the California Prop 8 decision is announced.  

From the organizers:
Both Marriage Equality New York and Civil Rights Front will be having their
monthly meetings tomorrow at the LGBT Center. MENY is at 6:30pm, CRF at 7:30pm.
These may be the last meetings before the Prop 8 decision is issued, so I'd
strongly urge you to attend one or both.

Both meetings will also talk about the counterdemonstration that's being planned
against the National Organization for Marrige (Sunday, May 17, 1pm, 3rd Ave & 40t St).

Finally, if you're been reading the headlines, you know that the marriage bills
in Maine and New Hampshire are chugging along, and we should soon know the
outcome of both (Maine possibly this week, and New Hampshire probably by the end
of the month).

So, again, try to attend the MENY/CRF meetings because this will be a busy month
for protests.

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