Thursday, February 5, 2009

Milk Does a Body Good

The victory of Barack Obama was a bittersweet moment for many Californians, as they woke up on the morning of November 5th to discover that the religious right-backed Proposition 8 banning gay marriage had passed. Outraged gays and straights all over the country marched in protest while, ironically, Gus Van Sant's film Milk opened to rave reviews and huge audiences everywhere. We thought it would be appropriate to pay homage to the gays who started it all 35 years ago -- from Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood to Castro Street in San Francisco. Kim Hastreiter


Sero said...

it is a great people and the best thing is all the straight people that is seen it and love the work of milk.
with or without chocolate ;-)

xiaomi said...

o my god, this is my fashion bible

Mike said...

Send in the clones! (That look still turns me on, twenty-five years later.)

mail said...

That look? You mean too poor to eat but fabulous enought to go out to the bars and get smashed every night? lol. sorry. I am speaking about myself. I still have issues.

Joey said...

I have made a similiar comment on another blog and I will say it again:

I have recently saw the movie and documentary as well as his book biography and it's such a tragedy that he died so young.

I was thinking that had he lived he may have been able to get help for AIDS a lot earlier and quicker.
The gay community really lost a profound person when he was killed. The scene would probably have been remarkably different if he was around all these years. So much may have been prevented.

RG said...

I HAVE those shorts. I can't wear them anymore, but I still have them.