Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Digital Archive

Some rare gems no longer collecting dust:

Footage of the pre-action meeting for Target City Hall, March 27, 1988 (eve of Target City Hall demonstration).
The 3:28 mark stirs something.

WNBC-TV News 4 New York at 6:00 PM. Coverage of ACT UP's Target City Hall, March 28, 1988. A re-edited report by Gabe Pressman for the 6:00 PM edition of News 4 New York.

Videos courtesy of Alan Klein

What's sitting in your dusty box in the closet? Digitize it.


mail said...

wow. i am so far away from those days and so very grateful for it.

Forty Five


I just wanted to thank you for this blog. I often read your posts or en route to work or as a pick me up when the cubicle walls are closing in, but vlogs are always touchy either via mobile media or in the office. I'm glad I kept this one unread until I could view it at home.

I am a baby of the 80s (24 years old) and AZT was out and slowing the death tolls before I was even aware of what HIV/AIDS was, yet I think it's vitally important to maintain the lessons learned by our queer forebears. This is a conversation I often have with friends who lived through the early days of the activism and epidemic and I'm glad to give them at least a partial answer in that, yes, there is a very cool blogger in NY helping to distribute the documents of our history.

Thanks and cheers,