Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Transgender Day of Remembrance: Let's Get Ready to Grrrrrumble!

Gwen Amber Rose Araujo (February 24, 1985 – October 4, 2002)
Ladies and Gentlemen, bois and grrrls, today on The Transgender Day of Remembrance we have in one corner the mighty blue and gold team of HRC gearing up for battle while in the other we have the red-faced angry team of activists and the Joe Must Go Coalition, calling for the resignation of HRC's head, Joe Solomense.

Ladies and gentlemen, when this match is over we may face an environment unlike anything we've ever seen before! There may be torn and tattered rainbow flags, car bumpers missing familiar yellow equals sign stickers, discarded wigs or sequenced gowns thrown in the streets. For this, ladies and gentlemen, is the Transgender Day of Remembrance!

Ladies and gentlemen, you may be asking yourselves, where in all of this are the Transgendered of whom this fight is all about?

Well...they're dead. And on this day, we're supposed to be REMEMBERING them. This is a day put into history to remind all of those battling for civil and equal rights that people have died, were murdered, assaulted, harassed, denied and ostracized all because they wanted to be something or someone they felt was themselves.

Instead you have two sides screaming at one another, using this day as an excuse to fight, bring attention to a subject and oust those who people feel have wronged them. This fight will all take place on the very ground to which the transgendered we are supposed to be remembering are buried.

It seems to me the ones who will lose out on this are the very trans people this day is supposed to be about. They'll end up like a baby, forgotten in their crib, while two parents scream at one another as they fight over a divorce.

Now when that bell rings, rip each other to shreds. Ready? 3-2-1 ding!


T. Trist said...

In addition to memorializing the people lost to senseless hate and violence, I would like to honor the women and men who courageously live their lives in truth everyday.

It makes me so angry that much of the hate and degredation against the GLBT community is embraced by religion!

Everyone in our community should know that there's a documentary film soon to be released about two lesbian women who set out to fight against religious bigotry by posing as a straight couple in an evangelical church... and they have proof.

You can see Faith of the Abomination movie trailer on YouTube, or go directly to FaithoftheAbomination.com

libhom said...

The lack of economic security among so many trans folk makes it harder for them to get justice when they are victims of hate crimes. Gender identity protections are important in all civil rights laws.